Sea Monsters

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    Saturday 08 October 21:00
  • All Tickets £10.00


97 mins

Director: Julian Kerridge Country: UK
Writer: Martin Sadofski, Julian Kerridge Original Format: RED
Dir. of Photography: Nick Gordon-Smith Print Source: Orange Trousers
Producer: Angela Gordon
Cast: Jack McMullen, Reece Noi, Georgia Henshaw, Rita Tushingham

Film Details

World Premiere

In Competition: Best British Feature

Short Synopsis:

Teenagers in a seaside town, sharing their last summer together before tragedy splits them forever. Seamonsters is a warm, truthful and funny story of two best mates, Sam and Kieran, entranced by the same girl. Lori is a wild child, mercurial and beautiful and the boys find themselves caught up in her whirlwind of self-destruction.


Sea MonstersKieran and Sam, life-long best friends, are at a crossroads. Their friendship, having survived despite their vast differences, begins to change when they meet Lori, a self described ‘siren’ who intrigues them both and, in the process, exposes the conflict and tension that runs deep in their relationship.

In this story of growing up, Director Julian Kerridge effectively expresses the complexity – both the angst and jubilation – of the teenage experience. Sam and Lori spend a day together and in that sequence the viewer is lost in the thrill of infatuation, created by the film’s dynamic editing and clever use of music.

Lori’s introduction forces Kieran and Sam, as well as Kieran’s girlfriend Moony, to wake up from the monotony that has engulfed them. Though their lives go in different directions, their tenuous connection keeps pulling them back together and closer to chaos.

Kerridge and his young cast brilliantly capture the teenage melodrama but also lend the trivial romantic entanglements a sense of gravity. Lori, in particular, is a character handled in an interesting way; her quirks and her age-inappropriate philosophizing are initially off-putting but are revealed as the way in which Kerridge deconstructs the Manic Pixie Dream Girl so often a trope of this genre.

Zachary Boren

08 October 2011 I-Flicks Raindance Review: Seamonsters

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