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Gingerbread Man - DVD On sale for £9.99

This film was one of the most talked about films at Raindance when it screened at Raindance in 2003 where it deservedly won Best Film.

Writer/director Jon Spirk's film won the attention of every single distributor in Europe and America, but never secured a deal due to the intense subject matter: child abduction. 

Watch the trailer here

This DVD is now on sale for £9.99
Give a call at Raindance at 0207 287 3833 to order it!


Best of 16th Film Festival Shorts
Released 28 September, 2009

 Only £14.99!

Almost 2 hours of the coolest short films screened at Raindance! Bonus: 11 Raindance Festival Trailers!


A Juicy Turkey, France, 13’, 4:3
Come Here Today, UK, 10’30’’, 1:85
Making the Man, USA, 11’11’’, 16:9
Single Girl, USA, 9’, 4:3
Small Collection, USA, 5’34’’, 16:9
Alfie Is Go!, USA, 10’15’’, 4:3
The Facts In The Case Of Mr Hollow, Canada, 5’58’’, 4:3
One Of The Last (Uno Degli Ultimi), Italy, 11’30’’, 4:3
A Letter To Colleen, USA, 8’36’’, 4:3
Toyland, Germany,13’52’’, 4:3
Raindance Film Festival Trailers 1998-2008, 16’24’’

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  Ken Loach

Ken Loach Collection

Ken Loach is one of Britain’s most respected film directors with a career spanning over 40 years. From his pioneering days with the BBC, directing the ground-breaking Cathy Come Home in 1966, to the Palme d’Or winning The Wind That Shakes the Barley, Ken Loach has stayed true to his film making style and socially conscious subject matter.  During this time he has carved a distinctive contribution to British film history.

Throughout his career, Loach has worked with many acclaimed actors including Adrien Brody, Robert Carlyle, Brian Cox, Brad Dourif, Frances McDormand, Peter Mullan, Cillian Murphy and Ricky Tomlinson, to name but a few, who give outstanding performances in the body of work presented in this new collection.

Fans will be thrilled to learn that recently unavailable titles My Name is Joe and Cathy Come Home are included in this new collection along with the rarely seen and never before available on home video or DVD The Gamekeeper.  Each box set includes a 16 page companion booklet with rare images, production information, quotes and introductions by Loach plus a bonus documentary DVD profiling Loach. Special features include director commentaries, documentaries and deleted scenes.

This DVD Box Set containing all film works directed by Ken Loach over the past two decades. This is the ultimate collectors item. Order your copy today directly from Ken's production company, Sweet Sixteen.

Contents Include:

The Inheritance


The film, directed by Charles-Henri Belleville, was an instant success at the 2007 Raindance Film Festival where it was nominated for Best UK Feature Film. It then went on to win the Raindance Award at the 2007 BIFA and was nominated for Best First Time Director and Best First Time Producer at the 2008 Scottish BAFTA New Talent Awards.
The DVD comes packaged with a 60-minute documentary in which the filmmakers show from pre-production all the way to self-distribution how they made the film on only £5,000. It also features interviews with Tom Hardy, the composer Fiona Rutherford and the producers at the Raindance Film Festival.
To buy the DVD visit www.theinheritancethemovie.com


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