Black Pond
Black Pond

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Black Pond


  •  Sunday 02 October 21:00
  • Monday 03 October 13:45
  • All Tickets £10.00/£5.00 before 17:00 weekdays


85 mins

Director: Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley Country: UK
Writer: Will Sharpe Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Simon Walton Print Source: Tom Kingsley
Producer: Sarah Brocklehurst
Cast: Chris Langham, Simon Amstell,
Amanda Hadingue

Film Details

World Premiere

In Competition: Best Micro Budget Feature

Short Synopsis:

An ordinary family are accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table. Stars BAFTA winner Chris Langham and award-winning comic Simon Amstell.


Black POnd Black Pond is the rather unique product of a generation of British reality based sit-coms that relish in combining the quietly surreal with the brilliantly mundane, all mixed up with the left-field humour of the Cambridge Footlights, from which a large part of the film’s crew has graduated. The excellent cast includes a characteristically abrasive turn from the inimitable Simon Amstell, the controversial comic of Never Mind the Buzzcocks fame.
Tom Thompson discovers the enigmatic, solitary Blake whilst out walking his three legged dog and invites him home to meet his semi-estranged wife Sophie. Following the death of the family dog the two Thompson daughters travel back from London for the funeral, with their socially awkward and heavily smitten Japanese friend Tim in tow. When Blake dies and the family decide to bury him, the scene is set for some blackly comic set pieces.
This dysfunctional middle class family, who wouldn’t seem out of place in a Wes Anderson movie, is the creation of debut writer-directors Will Sharpe and Tom Kingsley who use the mockumentary form and talking head interviews to frame the quirky tale. Sharpe and Kingsley control the humour masterfully, encouraging us to laugh at their character’s foibles, whilst never allowing them to lose their humanity. So when the truth about Blake’s death emerges at the end of the film, we’re still emotionally invested enough to wonder if we’d do anything very different in the same circumstances.

Dean Bowman

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All Tickets for This Screening - £10/£5 Before 17:00
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Screenings at Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street


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