Schedule: 7th October

Leaving Baghdad

Wednesday 05 October 18:30 | Friday 07 October 12 Noon

Saddam Hussein's cameraman escapes Iraq, hunted by the regime, haunted by guilt and memories, writing letters to his lost son confessing what he witnessed.


Thursday 06 October 21:00 | Friday 07 October 12 Noon

In the social context of a countrywide economic crisis, the lives of several people are turned upside down after meeting Cecile, a character who, in the footsteps of the Visitor in Teorema by Pasolini, symbolizes desire.


Friday 07 October 12 Noon

A man is taken hostage and accused of a heinous crime from his distant past. Where are the kidnappers taking him and for what purpose?

Shorts Programme 15 | Nova Express

Friday 07 October 13:45

Screening: Good Taste : 10' Hangnail : 12' The Death Of Johnny Forceps : 5' Dr. Nazi : 15' The Thing About Dolphins : 18' The Hungry Ghost Rhapsody : 13' Born Again : 10'

The Weight Of Chains

Friday 07 October 14:00

The Weight of Chains is a documentary that takes a critical look at the role that Western powers played in the breakup of Yugoslavia.

Forget Paris

Friday 07 October 14:15

A romantic new year's getaway to paris descends into a nightmare when the couple'srelationship implodes prior to their departure.

On The Way Home

Friday 07 October 16:00 | Saturday 08 October 10:15

Alberto, to save his company, becomes a courier for a criminal organization. he hides the truth of his trips from his wife, until a rival gang breaks into his house...

Little Rock

Friday 07 October 16:30

When their car breaks down on a site-seeing tour of California, two Japanese siblings wind up stranded in a small desert town.


Friday 07 October 16:30

A beautifully told tale of envy and gossip from director Pluton Vasi. A man who has been living in the west returns to his village in Albania to bury his father. Having met the beautiful Maya, he wants to stay on and make a life for himself there, but a vicious web of rumour and hearsay threatens his happiness.

War Games

Friday 07 October 18:15

A game of paintball turns deadly when three unhinged and deranged ex-soldiers play a twisted mind game of catch and release with their unsuspecting victims. This quickly leads to a bloody man hunt where everyone is a target, and no one is safe.

Holy Rollers

Friday 07 October 18:30 | Saturday 08 October 10:30

Holy Rollers follows the rise of arguably the largest and most well-funded blackjack team in America-made up entirely of church-going Christians.

Face To Face

Friday 07 October 18:45

A group of Australians from diverse backgrounds gather to decide the fate of a violent young man. An Australian '12 Angry Men', only there's 10, including 4 women.

Kaidan Horror Classics 2

Friday 07 October 20:45

Part 2 of this omnibus feature film composed of 4 haunting stories written by Japanese literary magnates revisits and revives this culture through the hands of today’s most talented Japanese director

Stranger Things

Friday 07 October 21:00 | Saturday 08 October 10:00

An unusual and touching bond develops when grieving Oona reaches out to a mysterious homeless man, offering him a place to stay in her shed.