Schedule: 6th October

State of Emergency

Wednesday 05 October 20:45 | Thursday 06 October 12 Noon

A small group of survivors are forced into hiding after a chemical facility explodes in their town and releases life altering toxins into the air. the group must now band together and defend themselves long enough, against those affected, in hopes of being rescued.

Color Me Obsessed

Thursday 06 October 13:00

A documentary on the last good band, the greatest band you've never heard of, the greatest rock band of all time period: The Replacements. Love, hate, obsession, tears, vomit... it might not be the prettiest story ever told, but it certainly rocks.

Shorts Programme 14 | Seasons in Revolt

Thursday 06 October 14:00

Screening: Mossadegh : 24' Checkpoint: 8' Protect the Nation : 16' Tasmin : 12' Two & Two : 8' Crossing Salween : 20'

Julius Caesar

Thursday 06 October 14:00

The world is Rome, the story is now, the brutality is soul destroyingly real and opinions are as divided as the loyalties.

Forest Creatures

Thursday 06 October 15:30

The boss of an agency takes his employees on a team-building weekend. Soon it becomes clear that after this game nothing will be the same.

Noise and Resistance

Thursday 06 October 16:15

Noise and Resistance is an authentic and complex contemporary documentary, that pictures a globally interconnected and political music scene, built on autonomy and solidarity, which has declared war on capitalism and the mainstream culture.

White Button

Thursday 06 October 16:30

This documentary film delves into the effects Western popular culture had on a very particular communist country - this being the former Yugoslavia.

Script to Screen

Thursday 06 October 18:15


The Black Belle

Thursday 06 October 18:30

Belle Gunness is "The Man Eater". She has magical effects on men. If you meet her be careful. The next thing you know you are selling out your best friend or getting a divorce from your beautiful wife. But if you can swing it, you just might have the time of your life.


Thursday 06 October 18:45

A sizzling thriller about chance, excape and the oldest profession as two beautiful women experience one ugly night that will change their lives together.

Kaidan Horror Classics 1

Thursday 06 October 20:45

The omnibus feature film composed of 4 haunting stories written by Japanese literary magnates revisits and revives this culture through the hands of today's most talented Japanese directors.


Thursday 06 October 21:00 | Friday 07 October 12 Noon

In the social context of a countrywide economic crisis, the lives of several people are turned upside down after meeting Cecile, a character who, in the footsteps of the Visitor in Teorema by Pasolini, symbolizes desire.