Schedule: 3rd October

A Rubber Band is an Unlikely Instrument

Monday 03 October 18:00

An eccentric Brooklyn musician wrestles with the complexities of life, family and a stable future on the fringes of a new American landscape.

After Fall, Winter

Saturday 01 October 20:45 | Monday 03 October 12:30

After Fall, Winter is a secretive, dangerous and sexy love story about a French dominatrix who falls in love with a New York writer in Paris.

Black Pond

Sunday 02 October 21:00 | Monday 03 October 13:45

An ordinary family are accused of murder when a stranger dies at their dinner table. Stars BAFTA winner Chris Langham and award-winning comic Simon Amstell.


Monday 03 October 16:00

Blinding is a film about the beauty and curse of vision.

Days Gone By

Monday 03 October 16:00 | Tuesday 04 October 13:45

A man’s quest to cure his dying lover in a town plagued by disease, plunges him into a hallucinatory journey that will change his life forever.

How To Start A Revolution

Saturday 01 October 18:45 | Sunday 02 October 14:00

How To Start A Revolution is the remarkable untold story of Nobel Peace Prize nominee Gene Sharp, the world's leading expert on non-violent revolution.

In The Dark Half

Monday 03 October 18:15

A poetic, transcendent and darkly tragic coming of age drama set by an ancient hill where spirits about and,shot with real verve and lyricism.

Live!Ammunition! 19thRDFF

Monday 3 October 18:45

Have you got a great idea for a movie? This is it! Your chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of top British film executives

Scenes Of A Crime

Monday 03 October 21:00 | Tuesday 04 October 12 Noon

Police video reveals the disturbing possibility that legal interrogation tactics can lead to false confessions. Working from mistaken medical evidence, detectives in Troy, New York interrogate a young father for hours, uing lies, tricks and threats against his wife to turn him toward confession - one which he quickly recants.

Shorts Programme 10 | Abstract Notions

Monday 03 October 8:45pm

Screening: Rogue Walk : 35' Kudzu Vine : 20' A Sense Of Reality : 13'

Shorts Programme 9 | Radical Agendas

Monday 03 October 15:45

Screening: Lost Innocents Of Kashmir : 23' Ship Of Life : 16' Mountain Man : 10' Michael & His Dragon : 6' You Have the Right To An Attorney : 13' Twist & Blood : 34'