Schedule: 1st October

Shorts Programme 7 | Gone Astray

Saturday 01 October 12 noon

Screening: Crazy Beats Strong Every Time : 27' Mojado : 30' The Tombs : 29'

www.Why Webisodes Work

Saturday 01 October 12 Noon



Wednesday 28 September 16:00 | Saturday 01 October 12 Noon

Skinning is an exciting coming-of-age story that tackles the subjects of love, loyalty, manipuation, hooliganism and society itself, which pushes youth into the arms of extreme ideologies, showing the transformation of Belgrade's teen NOVICA from invisible math geek to an unscrupulous leader of a Nazi group.

Werewolves Across America

Saturday 01 October 13:40

A portrait of modern youth culture. Through the musical scene of a DIY, the film explores what it is like to live on the fringes of America.

Best of Webisodes + AWARDS

Saturday 01 October 14:15

We are putting the final touches to our amazing shorts programmes - 18 in all

Uspomene 677

Friday 30 September 19:00 | Saturday 01 October 14:15

Upsomene 677 is a story of our time. But the time to tell this story is short. Today, the new generation in Bosnia is fighting for an EU membership and is threatened by a possible return to war. In contrast to their parents, they are desperate to find a way to live together for a different, peaceful tomorrow. Will they succeed?

If The Seed Doesn't Die

Saturday 01 October 15:30

Two fathers, a Romanian searching for his daughter who was forced into prostitution, and a Serbian seeking the body of his son killed in a car accident, meet on the river Danube. .

All That Remains

Saturday 01 October 16:15

Four people - bound by the common thread of personal loss - hit the road at pivotal moments in their lives. As they intersect, their understanding of love changes forever.

Youth H2 “Come as you are”

Saturday 01 October 16:30

Haruo Yasuoka is an actor, but works in a rental DVD shop to earn a living. When the beautiful “Momose” starts working there, Haruo is confronted by his attraction to her, although his strict eductation inables him to do anything about it. When Haruo asks his roommate “Non” to help him with his problem, her passion for him brings her to accept the proposition.

Punk’s Not Dead

Saturday 01 October 18:15

Protagonists of this black-comedy are punks who deliberately remained maginal in the muddy times of the Macedonian transition. The routine of the outsiders survival is disturbed by an offer to reunite their once-considered cult punk band and play at some bizarre "multi-cultural-happening", in order to prove that Macedonia is not a land of relaxed ethnic tensions.

Heaven + Earth + Joe Davis

Saturday 01 October 18:30 | Sunday 02 October 10:00

A portrait of a man who sends vaginal contractions into space to communicate with aliens to save the human race. This is not fiction.


Saturday 01 October 18:45 | Sunday 02 October 10:15

On holiday in the english countryside, two young couples uncover an ancient evil. Without each other, they will not survive.


Saturday 01 October 20:45

Genevieve, a New York intellectual, moves to the country with her self-involved journalist boyfriend, Sebastian, while he works on his latest project about sustainable farming.

After Fall, Winter

Saturday 01 October 20:45 | Monday 03 October 12:30

After Fall, Winter is a secretive, dangerous and sexy love story about a French dominatrix who falls in love with a New York writer in Paris.