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The Magic Man

Hoping to secure fame and fortune, a struggling vaudeville magician turns to the dark arts. But the power unleashed could cost him the one thing he truly loves.

The Man with the Stolen Heart

A surreal animated tale, narrated by Bill Nighy, about a man looking for his runaway heart.

Martyr Friday

Filmed in Cairo during Egypt's revolution in 2011, this short documentary captures the dramatic events from the heart of Tahrir Square during the last days of Mubarak's presidency.


Perched on a wall, wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes, dancers progress in euphoria and exhaustion, melting until their souls escape their ephemeral bodies. 

Michael And His Dragon

A refreshing and poetic insight into the experience of post traumatic stress disorder told from the perspective of a young Iraq veteran.

Mirk Riders

The Mirk Riders is about what you can't escape. Through the eyes and memory of the band leader , Eve, she leads her band through the desert after their last show. But a brief car problem sends them into an unwinding downward spiral.

Miyuki's Wind Bell

Miyuki must leave Tokyo and take her half-brothers to the country home of their grandmother, but upon arriving she will discover that she had to leave her home in order to find it.


Crossing brutal desert to reach the US for work, Raul stumbles across a bewildered gringo boy and his journey takes a highly unexpected turn.

Modern Day Mummies

Modern Day Mummies is part of Ronni Thomas' "Midnight Archive" film series which focuses on the strange and unusual.  This film features a woman who mummifies pets for a living.


Based on a true story, Mokhtar recounts the tale of a young boy in a remote Moroccan village as he adopts a fallen owl.

Money Dog

Two boys steal a pitbull puppy to one day fight for money. Created from 1980's lost footage, this film glimpses into a vanished NYC world.


In 1962 a documentary was made on the funeral rites of a southern Italian town. Shortly after this film was made, its cast of local women disappeared. Fifty years later the film 'Moroloja' revisits the site of the funeral, in a search for those women, awakening the town from a deep silence.


Iran. 1959. After his CIA orchestrated overthrow, democratic Prime Minister Mossadegh falls ill under house arrest. Can he trust an American physician sent to treat him?

Mountain Man

He's been laughed at, cussed out and shot at, but Larry Gibson refuses to abandon his home atop Kayford Mountain in West Virginia.

Murphy's Love

A man, a woman, a cup of coffee... A mind-bending chain-reaction proves that everything that can go wrong will go wrong. It's Murphy's Love!

My Mother the Flatiron

A film for my late mother, a dancer. By investigating the persistence of vision, I straddle the space between life and death, sight and interception.


The lyrical memoirs of Britain's most reviled woman.

Next Floor

During an opulent and luxurious banquet, complete with cavalier servers and valets, eleven pampered guests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage. 

New Members Welcome

An intimate social portrait of a Trades and Labour Club in Brighton as it faces declining numbers and potential closure.

Of Mary

Jason Lawrence returns home, estranged from his wife and son. Resentments simmer in this broken family. Choices must be made that will affect them forever.

Of the Sea

During the last hour of an elderly couple's lives, their inseparable love offers them courage and compassion until the very end.

On Tender Hooks

A short documentary following Damien Lloyd-Davies as he prepares to do his first human suspension.


In winter, northern Quebec, a Spanish woman lives a short and intense relationship. Intimacy in wide open space.


As school closes, eight-year-old Steve is escorted home by twenty-year-old Luke: a local reprobate whose inappropriate ramblings of sexual deviance leave nothing to the imagination.


A lone man's quest to find his true love in a busy paper metropolis.  Will he find the Papergirl he hopes for?


A father tells his son the most epic bedtime story ever.


Pass the Salt, Please

Dinner. A glass of wine. Stimulating conversation. What better way to wind down the day? A couple’s dinner repartee quickly morphs into a scene ripped straight from the script of an adult film. Who wins this battle of the sexes is anyone’s guess.

Plangent Rain

Damned to row a rotting boat back and forth across a harbour, numbed by ineptitude yet spurred by guilt, a youth spirals down a foredoomed path.

The Potential Wives of Norman Mao

On an international hunt for a worthy wife, a pudgy Chinese man-child and his overbearing parents come to New York to meet his potential brides…but the results are disastrous!

Protect the Nation

When faced with the unexpected kindness of a stranger, a young boy begins to question himself. Does he have the courage to do what's right?


How can we  relieve ourselves when we  are under stress? And what happens to those of us  who cannot alleviate the mounting frustration?


Between Dream and Reality, Life and Death of a man in search of himself.

Ring Theory

Annie finds a "magical" ring, and when Kevin falls in love with her, she must solve whether its her or the ring that's entranced him.

Robin Hood

Timid princess Marion is whisked up in an action packed adventure as a mysterious outlaw in green tries to escape her castle and evade the callous Sheriff of Nottingham.

Rogue Walk

Walking from New York to New Jersey, the filmmaker considers ideas of psychogeography, failure and rogue filmmaking en route to Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School.

Rolling On The Floor Laughing

Two grown sons return home for their widowed mother's birthday, only to find themselves competing with a strange man for her attention.

Rough Skin

After nine months in prison, Kelly struggles to adjust to life in the family home with her mother. The foundations of their relationship are shaken when Kelly’s closely guarded secret is uncovered.