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A beautifully told tale of envy and gossip from director Pluton Vasi. A man who has been living in the west returns to his village in Albania to bury his father. Having met the beautiful Maya, he wants to stay on and make a life for himself there, but a vicious web of rumour and hearsay threatens his happiness.

Melissa: Mom and Me

Melissa: Mom & Me witnesses the emotional reunion of two strong women and charts the dramatically divergent path their lives have taken.


In February 2003, an underground blogger arrives in London to campaign against UN Sanctions on Iraq. Falling in love is not part of the plan.

Montevideo - Taste of a Dream

Belgrade, 1930, a bunch of nobodies fight their way to the first FIFA World Cup. A story of friendship, enthusiasm, persistence and love for the game.




Voluntarily locked in a cell for 48 hours with no restrictions and no outside help three emotional archetypes battle for psychological supremacy before they can be destroyed by their own weaknesses.

The Most Important thing in Life is not Being Dead

Is life safe and secure, or is there a second reality lurking? A playful tragicomedy or betrayal and forgiveness, set against the Franco era.

Mother of Rock - Lillian Roxon

Lillian Roxon shines a light into the decadent world of Max’s Kansas City, a tiny underground club in New York, and Lillian Roxon’s place in documenting the emerging rock revolution as it rolled over the US in the 1960s and early 1970s.

Music From The Big House

Music from the Big House chronicles stories of redemption in this musical journey into a maximum-security prison with recording artist Rita Chiareli and inmates serving life sentences.

Noise and Resistance

Noise and Resistance is an authentic and complex contemporary documentary, that pictures a globally interconnected and political music scene, built on autonomy and solidarity, which has declared war on capitalism and the mainstream culture.

No Return

An innocent man is wrongly accused of a deadly hit and run accident. A story of guilt and responsibility in a spiral with no return.

On The Way Home

Alberto, to save his company, becomes a courier for a criminal organization. he hides the truth of his trips from his wife, until a rival gang breaks into his house...

Orchids – My Intersex Adventure

Documentary filmmaker, Phoebe Hart, comes clean on a journey of self-discovery around her hidden intersex condition.

The Passage

A terminally ill woman, an ex convict, and a British artist are looking for something to give them hope, when hope is in short supply.


Kumi, after hitting her father, can no longer go to school. She spends her days on a riverbank which is also the favorite place of her father's mistress.

Punk’s Not Dead

Protagonists of this black-comedy are punks who deliberately remained maginal in the muddy times of the Macedonian transition. The routine of the outsiders survival is disturbed by an offer to reunite their once-considered cult punk band and play at some bizarre "multi-cultural-happening", in order to prove that Macedonia is not a land of relaxed ethnic tensions.


In the social context of a countrywide economic crisis, the lives of several people are turned upside down after meeting Cecile, a character who, in the footsteps of the Visitor in Teorema by Pasolini, symbolizes desire.


An intensely bizarre tale of a mother who inhabits her husband’s suffocating behavior before falling into her own flawed maternal instincts.


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A Rubber Band is an Unlikely Instrument

An eccentric Brooklyn musician wrestles with the complexities of life, family and a stable future on the fringes of a new American landscape.