When The World Breaks

When The World Breaks



84 mins

Director: Hans Fjellestad Country: USA
Writer: Hans Fjellestad Original Format: DVCPro HD
Dir. of Photography: Hans Fjellestad Print Source: Joe Mundo
Producer: Joe Mundo, Jason Sallee
Cast: Jerry Stiller, Phyllis Diller, Buzz Aldrin

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A documentary about how life and creativity returned after the Great Crisis of 1929.


In 1929, Ernest Hemingway wrote that “the world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong in the broken places”. When the World Breaks, a film about the Great Depression that hit America in 1929. Just like Hemingway, this documentary expresses the belief that men who survive tragedy and crisis can become stronger thanks to them.

When the World Breaks features a collage of rare footage from the time, together with interviews and testimonies of those who lived through it. Robert F.Boyle, Jerry Stiller, Mickey Rooney, Richard Anderson and Paul Dooley, tell us how they found ways to overcome the hardship when everything seemed to be doomed and what they learnt from the experience. The director, musician and filmmaker, Hans Fjellestad, says he jumped at the chance to dig into such a formative period in American society, art and identity and explore what turned out to be a period of extraordinary creativity and innovation.

What this documentary proves is that those scars are a crucial part of the human experience. In light of today’s circumstances, in a world deeply affected by the recession, the message sent here becomes even more relevant. Despite its subject matter, When the World Breaks interesting, touching and even humorous testimonies make for an uplifting and inspiring film.


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