Camp Victory Afghanistan

Camp Victory Afghanistan


    Sunday 10 October 12:15


84 mins

Director: Carol Dysinger Country: USA
Writer: N/A Original Format: SD
Dir. of Photography: Carol Dysinger Print Source: Carol Dysinger
Producer: Jeff Levy-Hinte, Dallas Brennan Rexer
Cast: N/A

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Shot over a 3 year period and extracted from over 300 hours of footage, this documentary is about the American soldiers facing the seemingly impossible task of creating a functional and effective army out of impoverished and illiterate Afghan recruits.


Shot over a 3 year period and extracted from over 300 hours of footage, this documentary is about the Afghan officers tasked with creating a national army and the American soldiers there to mentor them. This process is the heart of the American exit strategy: a functioning army must be set up in order for US troops to withdraw.  The enormity of this task is made clear; most who sign up are impoverished and illiterate , having grown up in Pakistani refugee camps and their motives are sometimes dubious. Issues of trust and poor communication are rife, the Americans losing patience as some soldiers cooperate with the Taliban and the Afghans frustrated by quick turn over and lack of stability from their advisors.

The film centres on the battle-weathered General Sayar, who has been a soldier in the Afghan army since age 13. Wary of the Americans his trust is eventually won by the sincere Colonel Shute. It is inspiring to see these men from such different backgrounds learning to work together and, despite cultural and language barriers, forming a strong emotional bond.  
This is an insightful and important documentary which refreshingly avoids sensationalism. Instead it gives an intimate, unbiased portrayal of the everyday realities of the American effort in Afghanistan, from the tragic to the mundane. It presents an authentic, no-judegemental picture of what is happening, leaving the viewer to reach their own conclusions.  



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