99 Min Muvizu Animation School
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99 Minute Muvizu Animation School


    2pm Saturday October 9

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99 Minutes Of Your Time…


…Muvizu Animation School.

If you enjoy 3D animated films, have you ever thought about making your own? If the answer is yes, you've probably dismissed the idea because learning completely new skill sets in what are necessarily extremely technical realms has, until now, been an almost insurmountable barrier to entry.

But how about a program that played to your experience in film or stage? One that allowed you to concentrate on traditional skills, on directing performances from your characters rather than have to animate frame by frame. What if your actors lip-synched to dialogue tracks automatically.

What if you could approach your animation from start to finish via an interface that was largely a metaphor for real-life film production; yes, your own sound stage, but with lighting and effects to die for.

What if you could produce an animated short in a couple of hours, not months, relying on skills you've already mastered.

You should try Muvizu. Come along and we'll show you how.

The Muvizu Animation School will feature a short that changes the way we think about animation: Ghost House.

With a resolution high enough to display at a cinema, this pilot episode is a piece of 3D animation that would typically take a highly skilled team a few months to create. Except Ghost House was made on a laptop in just a couple of weeks.

Using groundbreaking technology from the games industry reconfigured for filmmakers, Muvizu software allows filmmakers to direct rather than animate their projects. Now anyone with a decent computer can make and publish animated shorts quickly and without specialist training. Welcome to the future, only at Raindance.

The 99 Minute Muvizu Animation School will be followed by a panel discussion: "The Future of Animation"


Andrew Williams - Managing Director; Producer Dandy Productions llp
Dandy Productions is a BAFTA winning company working across television and the web in comedy and children's programming, live action and animation.

Darren Wall – Producer
Darren has worked in animation for over 15 years. His first role was as an assistant animator on Warner Brothers’ film Space Jam and he then worked on storyboards and design concepts for several other distinguished London-based companies such as High Eagle and TVC.
Darren came to Chase Imagination in 2004 and moved into directing, working over a number of projects for clients such as Disney, Sony and Cartoon Network. In recent years he has also produced projects and is currently co-Director Of Chase Imagination.

Vince Ryan - MD of Digimania
Vince Ryan is a production-side news journalist (Mail, Telegraph, Times) who has become increasingly involved with media convergence (TV/online) and its enabling technologies.
He also had a role spanning technical oversight/briefing and content management/delivery, were at ITV.com and Al Jazeera's English-language service.

Tony Miller - Muvizu


Apollo Cinema - Screen 1
14:00-15:40 The 99 Minute Muvizu Animation School
15:40-17:00 "The Future of Animation" panel discussion hosted by Raindance director Elliot Grove

Ongoing in the bar area: animation work stations between 14:00-17:00

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