Lovers of Hate

Lovers of Hate


    Monday 4 October 8:30pm
    Tuesday 5 October 1:45pm


93 mins

Director: Bryan Poyser Country: USA
Writer: Bryan Poyser Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: David Lowery Print Source: IFC Fillms
Producer: Megan Gilbride
Cast: Chris Doubek, Heather Kafka, Alex Karpovsky

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A savage comedy about deceit and sibling rivalry centered around two
estranged brothers who have nothing in common but their love for one
brother's soon-to-be ex-wife.

Repeat Screening:

Tuesday 5 October 1:45 pm
Screen A
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus,
19 Lower Regent street,

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Kicked out by his wife Diana and without a steady job, Rudy is living in his car, showering in carwashes and stolen faucet water. When his successful writer brother Paul comes to town Rudy is desperate to prove he isn’t a total failure and tries to persuade Diane to pretend that they are still together. Their sibling rivalry is still strong and Rudy can’t bear to give Paul any more ammunition to bully him with. When the ruse collapses Rudy leaves, heading for a ski-lodge retreat. He hopes to work on his own novel, Lovers of Hate, but his plans are disrupted when Paul and Diane arrive together.

Rudy decides to remain hidden and becomes something of a ghostly presence in the house, leaving only occasional clues (such as an unflushed toilet) to his presence. As the film turns into a game of cat-and-mouse the two brothers rivalry turns vicious and the tone is expertly balanced between comedy and thriller.

Lovers of Hate is a modern American tragi-comedy; designed to make you laugh, squirm and pity its characters. Brilliant direction keeps the cat-and-mouse game under tight control and the cinematographer does an excellent job of creating a claustrophobic locale. This is a film about a dysfunctional sibling relationship, founded on mistrust and betrayal and viewed through the lens of extreme, savage and unpredictable comedy.

- LC


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