Helena From The Wedding

Helena From The Wedding


    Wednesday 6 October 9:15


89 mins

Director: Joseph Infantolino Country: USA
Writer: Joseph Infantolino Original Format: HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: Stephen Kazmierski Print Source: Joseph Infantolino
Producer: Alexa L. Fogel, Brendan Mason
Cast: Lee Tergesen, Melanie Lynskey, Gillian Jacobs

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A newlywed couple host a New Year's Eve party at a cabin in the mountains for their closest friends and an unexpected guest.


Out in the snowy countryside a pair of newlyweds, Alice and Alex, play host to six old friends to see in the New Year. All together again, the couples drink, play games and catch up, gradually revealing more about their fractured relationships and the unspoken connections between them. When the young English model, Helena, turns up unexpectedly, a secret history between her and Alex begins to be revealed. As the film develops the fault lines in every relationship are explored; Nick has left his wife for another woman but now finds himself without either; Dom’s marriage to Lynn is descending into backbiting and disrespect; Alice and Alex are both troubled by the presence of Helena.

A word or a look, the things left unsaid – first time writer/director Joseph Infantolino spins an enthralling web of social transactions around the viewer, leaving it up to us to judge who is in the wrong or in the right, and where our allegiances lie. The cast fully convince as a group of thirty-something professionals inwardly questioning the decisions they have made, and the film is imaginatively shot against the mountain canvas of upstate New York. Gripping and realistic, Helena from the Wedding is an unflinching dissection of marriage in modern day America.


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