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Plymouth College of Art Shorts Programme


    Thursday 30 September 4:00 pm


145 mins

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Plymouth College of Art Student Shorts Programme
A showcase of student shorts from the Plymouth College of Art.

Once again we are pleased to include a snapshot of emerging student talent in our exclusive PCA Student Shorts Programme. To celebrate the ongoing relationship between Raindance Film Training and Plymouth College of Art, film students from the Film Arts Degree Programme at PCA are showcasing a programme of 14 of their short films at the 18th Raindance Film Festival, on Thursday 30th September at the Apollo Theatre in London.
Lucy Leake and Dan Paolantonio, Film Arts Programme Leaders at Plymouth College of Art explained; “Our relationship with Raindance offers our students such a unique opportunity to engage with independent film on a real level. We are really excited to have our students’ work represented in such a prestigious festival once again, and look forward to the continued development of our educational links with Raindance.”

The films on show have been created by students from across all three years of the BA(Hons) Film Arts Programme in response to exciting curricular challenges. This year also includes the winner of the first PCA Raindance Emerging Talent Award 2010 at PCA, written, produced and directed by Kelsey Fox whilst she was studying for a BTEC ND Media award.

From collaborative projects created with sound artists from the Cafe Concrete Collective, and creative explorations of time, space and place, to ambitious and dynamic responses to storytelling, there is a real sense of diversity to the programme and it is an excellent illustration of the range of student work that is produced throughout the Film Arts course.

Shot on just about every format from Super-8, to Super-16mm film and High Definition video, as well as some hand-drawn animation and time-lapse photography, and often featuring 5.1 surround sound mixes, these shorts represent the various levels of technical craft skill and artistic complexity achieved by Plymouth College of Art film students as they progress through their studies in filmmaking.
The one thing these filmmakers have in common is a clear and unmovable passion for cinema and filmmaking, and although at different stages of their studies, we hope that you’ll enjoy the veritable cinematic feast on show and give these emerging filmmakers your support during their London Premiere.

So what better way of celebrating the 18th Raindance Film Festival and this unique partnership, than joining us for this exciting programme of 14 shorts:

Life +

Of Blood and Water (excerpt)

A Very British Scandal

Insomnia (Catch a Rat)




Coyote Dream




A Time for Everything

Tom and Jenna

In Search of Bears

In 2009 Plymouth College of Art awarded its first honourary Doctorate to Raindance founder Elliot Grove, in recognition of his services to the arts and to education. Plymouth College of Art and Raindance are working in partnership towards various educational projects and hope to announce fully accredited Higher Education Awards in 2011.

Plymouth College of Art is one of only 4 remaining Independent Art Colleges in the UK and has a long and prestigious history in providing outstanding Film Education at both Further and Higher Education levels. In addition to Film, Plymouth College of Art also offers a wide variety of programmes in Art, Design, Crafts and Media, from part-time and short courses, through to BA (Hons) Degrees and Masters Programmes, serving the needs of the creative industries sector.