I Believe in Angels

I Believe in Angels


    Sunday 3 October 4:30pm
    Friday 8 October 5:45pm


101 mins

Director: Niksa Svilicic Country: Croatia
Writer: Niksa Svilicic Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Nenad Suvacarov Print Source: Niksa Svilicic
Producer: Niksa Svilicic
Cast: Vedran Mlikota, Dolores Lambasa, Aljosa Vuckovic

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A tragicomedy set on a Croatian island where the local postman Sime has a habit of reading his fellow islanders’ mail.


Sime is the postman of a small town built on an idyllic island. Well loved by the locals he has penetrating insight into their lives and the events of the town, even knowing what next week’s sermon will be. But Sime has a secret: he has perfected an undetectable technique for opening and resealing people’s letters and this is how he knows so much about those around him. When the beautiful Dea moves to the town she becomes the subject of attention for all the town’s bachelors. Determined to win her Sime begins courting Dea using her letters to a mysterious Klara as an insight into her life. But Dea is not all that she seems and her involvement with Sime might not be as coincidental as it first appeared.
A passion product for Niksa Svilicic, he wrote, directed, edited, produced and acted in the film, although he admits he would never do all that again! Shot on the beautiful island of Vis in the Adriatic sea with beautiful, bright cinematography, I Believe in Angels brings the wonderful flavour of a Mediterranean summer to the big screen. A refreshing change from what has been a trend towards dark and violent cinema in Eastern Europe, the film is a timeless piece of cinema who’s small setting and tight community make for a story that could have been told anywhere and anywhen.


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