Robert Mitchum Is Dead

Robert Mitchum Is Dead


    Saturday 2 October 4:45pm


91 mins

Director: Olivier Babinet, Fred Kihn Country: France, Poland, Belgium, Norway
Writer: Olivier Babinet, Fred Kihn Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Timo Salminen Print Source: Ferris & Brockman
Producer: Igor Wojtowicz
Cast: Olivier Gourmet, Pablo Nicomedes, Bakary Sangare

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Unemployed actor Frankie is on a road trip in a stolen car in search of his idol


As an agent and scriptwriter, Arsène (Olivier Gourmet) is intimately familiar with the hard knocks world of hunting down that elusive big break. So when the stars have allegedly aligned, and theres an opportunity for him to get his actor Franky Pastor (Pablo Nicomedes) in front of a big name director, he goes for gold. Risking everything, the pair set out from France with the intent of driving to a film festival held in the Arctic Circle. However, as we all know, pretty much nothing ever goes according to plan. As the voyage unfolds we learn more about the softly strange Franky, and just how desperate Arsène really is. For that matter, were not even certain that Franky can actually perform.


Robert Mitchum is Dead is populated with a generous array of curious personalities and loving look at their everyday and not so everyday lives.


In the spirit of road trip movies everywhere, the guys come across people and situations that no one could ever plan for. It’s that road trip “que sera sera” mood that battles against Arsènes singular determination throughout the film to make their journey so odd and unpredictable. Sprinkle in some desperation, social disorders, and a beautiful Polish film student, and you have yourself a journey worth witnessing.


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