American Grindhouse

American Grindhouse


    Sunday 3 October at 3:30pm


82 mins

Director: Elijah Drenner Country: USA
Writer: Elijah Drenner and Calum Waddell Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Dan Greene Print Source: ContentFilm International
Producer: Elijah Drenner, Co-Producers Calum Waddell and Dan Greene
Cast: Robert Forster

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Entertainment has always titillated audiences with Sex, Drugs, and Violence.  The history of sensational cinema is no different.  Starting with Edison's silent strip tease to the 1970s “I was a Teenage Werewolf,” the existence of these films proves that the industry will make anything to make money.


Sex, drugs, and violence have always captivated audiences' imaginations. From a striptease created by Edison on an early camera to Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, sensational cinema has always had a place in the film industry. Grindhouse cinemas have become famous for showing exploitation films: movies featuring extreme sexual themes, drug-use, or violence, which advertisers could exploit to bring people into movie theatres. As this documentary shows, the history of sensational cinema is the partly the story of independent cinema, and partly the story of unabashed American capitalism.
Many genres of Exploitation film started out as adult-only cinema, telling morality tales as a cover for the exploration of taboo subject matter. Issues such as sex, violence and race were often explored in exploitation films before they became mainstream topics of discussion. Grindhouse cinemas survived on a young audience who wanted boundaries pushed and weren’t too concerned about critical opinions. Much like carnivals, many films would be accompanied by traveling showmen who would pitch the film to passing crowds and gather people into the theatres.
Tracking the rise of the exploitation film from pre to post censorship laws, American Grindhouse explores the development of the many sub-genres of exploitation films and looks at the classics like The Last House on the Left, Shaft and Teenage Hellcats. Told through archive film footage and interviews with exploitation filmmakers, American Grindhouse takes audiences on a tour of the most outrageous and taboo films of the past century.


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