How Green Was Our Valley

How Green Was Our Valley


    Sunday 3 October 5:45pm


32 mins

Director: Fereshteh Joghataei Country: Iran
Writer: Fereshteh Joghataei Original Format: Mini DV
Dir. of Photography: Touraj Aslani Print Source: Fereshteh Joghataei
Producer: Touraj Aslani
Cast: N/A

Film Details

London Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Documentary following a village forced to relocate by a new dam


Somewhere in dusty rural Iran a dam has been built and The Water is rising. 63 villages are being forced to relocate, moving families, businesses and livelihoods. How Green Was Our Valley is told with no narration and only brief bursts of dialogue, relying instead on powerful images and strong visual storytelling.

Following one village in particular the film shows their simple way of life – goat farming, hand milling for flour – in loving detail. As the government warnings come in earnest and the water rises inexorably, these people try to come to terms with the idea of relocation. Of particular concern is the shrine of a local holy man to whom they pray for salvation.

Iran’s spectacular mountain scenery is lovingly photographed and the scenes of remorseless rains and rising waters have their own cruel beauty. This is a powerful documentary about the local impact of the modernity’s relentless progress and a fascinating insight into another way of life.


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