Tuesday 5 October 9:30pm


90 mins

Director: Stuart St Paul Country: UK
Writer: Stuart St Paul Original Format: RED
Dir. of Photography: Carl Summerscales Print Source: ICON
Producer: Stuart St Paul, Martin Campbell, Luke Aikman, Andy Thompson, Billy Murray
Cast: Billy Murray, Craig Fairbrass, Danny Midwinter

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

As an Eastern European gang try to move in on Leeds and traffic labour, they cross Billy Murray’s family, the Taylors and his best friend Craig Fairbrass. A turf war ensues and life is cheap.


Cristi and his gang smuggle Eastern Europeans into England for use as slaves. Travelling across Europe on dangerous and illicit journeys in freight containers, whole families are brought over to the Leeds base. The woman are sexually exploited and the men are thrown into cage fights to earn back their wives and children. But when they kidnap the daughter of local businessman Gabe Taylor the gang have a war on their hands.

Described as a ‘British Taken’ this fast-paced action thriller forces its audience through the squallid underworld of sex, drugs and murder. Despite this ‘commercial’ wrapping, Freight never shies away from the issues central to the film’s drama: human trafficking, modern slavery, the politics of immigration and national pride. Gabe fights for his daughter, for his honour and for England and although the film follows his journey, it takes the time to explore other points of view. These illegal immigrants have come to England seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their children and perhaps that was worth the risks they ran.

Billy Murray gives an uncompromising performance as Gabe and Danny Midwinter’s Cristi is genuinely chilling. The direction is tight and economical and the actions scenes are expertly handled. Freight is a roller-coaster ride, an action thriller the likes of which British filmmaking has seemed unable create, until now.


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