Days of Harvest

Days of Harvest


    Saturday 2 October 4:00pm

  • Screening with "Ribbon"


75 mins

Director: Marco Righi Country: Italy
Writer: Marco Righi Original Format: HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: Alessio Valori Print Source: Simona Malagoli
Producer: Simona Malagoli
Cast: Marco d'Agostin, Lavinia Longhi

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

It is the story of a teenager, Elia, who lives in the countryside in 1984. Elia meets a girl in the day of harvest. Between the two a strange friendship is born...


17-year-old Elia is spending the summer harvesting grapes on his parent’s farm. Bored and a little lonely, his life is thrown into turmoil when the beautiful and experienced Emilia comes to help with the harvest. His father, Claudio is a staunch Communist and his life too is turned upside down when the popular party leader dies. Maddalena, the mother, continues stoically through it all, secure in her Catholic faith and the prayer meetings she runs. As Emilia becomes more involved in Elia’s life he opens up to her about the frustrations and joys of rural teenage life.

Shot in the beautiful Italian countryside, the cinematography makes full use of the wonderful vineyards and farmhouse on which this film is set. There is a lingering patience to many of the shots, a desire to let the scene play out to its fullest, that really enhances the actors nuanced performances. The small cast does a impressive job of presenting a family bound together through time and familiarity, despite their differences in personality.

Special mention must be given to Marco D’Agostin whose unselfconscious performance as Elia grounds the film. Written and directed by the young Marco Righi this is a deeply intimate look at growing up, both for the protagonist and for the country whose two competing political ideals are so well represented by his parents.


Followed by Q&A


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