Friday 8 October 7:15pm


95 mins

Director: Shutaro Oku Country: Japan
Writer: Shutaro Oku Original Format: Video
Dir. of Photography: Yonaha Masayuki Print Source: M6 Trance Picture Works
Producer: M6 Trance Picture Works
Cast: Kazushi Watanabe, Kaori Momoi, Kazunobu Mineta

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

An enigmatic social thriller in the vein of Kiyoshi Kurosawa.


Yuichiro, played with just the right amount of ennui by Watanabe Kazushi, is twenty six and lives with his mother, who wants him to follow in the footsteps of his recently deceased father and go to medical school. The lazy, feckless Yuichiro, however, dreams of becoming a director – not that he does much to move either career forward besides befriending the terminally ill filmmaker Fujimori. Instead, desperate to pay off the massive debt he’s incurred with loan shark Nanbaru, Yuichiro is eventually forced into becoming a test subject in a dangerous experiment.

Fans of maverick Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa will find much to appreciate here; there’s the same atmosphere of impending doom, the plot driven by hidden motivations and surreal events, the theme of mortality, and even the presence of a mysterious centuries old tree. The film also shares with Kurosawa’s masterpiece Pulse the sense of a doomed generation with its focus on young protagonists unable to emotionally connect.

The film’s events, unremarkable and surreal alike, unfold against the backdrop of a major radiation leak from a nearby power plant, but rather than take centre stage as it no doubt would in a Hollywood thriller this event is only ever alluded to. Despite the amazingly oppressive and eerie atmosphere it creates there are no ghosts present other than phantoms of our own making; a cursed generation attempting to live in the nuclear age.

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