Hi! Otsuka Drugstore

Hi! Otsuka Drugstore [Hai! Moshi Moshi, Otsuka Yakkyoku Desu Ga]


    Sunday 10 October 1:45pm


48 mins

Director: Yu Katsumata Country: Japan
Writer: Yu Katsumata Original Format: Video
Dir. of Photography: Takashi Sakuma Print Source: Tokyo Net Movie Festival
Producer: Tokyo Net Movie Festival
Cast: Aya Enoji, Kana Kobayashi, Mayuko Arisue

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A bad-tempered drugstore owner strikes up an unconventional friendship with one of her customers, a timid schoolgirl obsessed with a certain boy.


The cranky Otsuka presides over the shambolic drug store of the title like a griffon in her den, scaring off customers with her grating manner and flatulence. Either that or she can be found sleeping behind the counter. No wonder she’s being robbed left right and centre and it certainly doesn’t help that she seems unable to tell a customer from a burglar. But when a girl named Emi Nakasaku drops by the store every morning to buy a different coloured nail varnish the older woman recognises this as an attempt to attract a crush, and against her worse nature decides to help. Through Nakasaku’s attempts to land the object of her desires, Otsuka seeks to relive her own past and in particular the failed high-school romance that saw her betrayed by her match-maker twenty five years ago.

As her past comes flooding back her stern demeanour begins to melt and her advice to Nakasaku softens. Told in vivid over-saturated flash backs, with over-the-top manga sensibility and wonky framing that fits the film’s sultry central character perfectly, debutant director Yuu Katsumata none-the-less brings the film to a surprisingly moving finale. This is a promising early work that suggests Katsumata may soon be making endearingly quirky comedies along with the best of the new wave of Japanese indie directors.


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Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
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