Yuriko’s Aroma

Yuriko’s Aroma


    Saturday 9 October 8:45pm


73 mins

Director: Kota Yoshida Country: Japan
Writer: Kota Yoshida Original Format: Video
Dir. of Photography: Akitoshi Minami Print Source: Makotoya Co. Ltd.
Producer: Tsuyoshi Goto, Koichi Kusakabe, Keiko Kusakabe
Cast: Noriko Eguchi, Shota Sometani, Saori Hara

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

The aroma therapist Yuriko catches a whiff of her colleague's sweaty nephew and immediately is overwhelmed by desire and obsession. Or is it actually innocent love?


Yuriko is a mid-thirties aromatherapy masseuse who heals her customers with a sensitive touch and perfectly chosen aromas. She becomes troubled however, when she catches the scent of her boss’ nephew, the hormonal teenager Tetsuya. An odd love triangle develops as Yuriko becomes fixated on Tetsuya and a female client begins to reveal her crush on Yuriko. Wonderfully restrained direction follows Yuriko’s actions and decisions as she gives into her fetish and develops and awkward relationship with the much younger Tetsuya. Crossing boundaries of age and socially expected behaviour, Yuriko and Tetsuya’s relationship is predicated on her fascination with his scent
Smell is a difficult sense to capture on camera but director Kota Yoshida succeeds with the help of a committed performance from lead actress Noriko Eguchi. Focused close-ups and delicate camera movement capture the surreally intimate scenes between Tetsuya and Yuriko.
The Japanese film industry has a long history of cinema involving sex and sexual fetish – ‘pink film.’ The success of Yuriko’s Aroma can be found in the way it tackles those issues without the pornographic content. Here then is a meditation on fetish, and the consequences of finally giving into it. Erotic but never explicit, it’ subjects lie outside the mainstream; rather it celebrates human sexual diversity and the satisfaction of desire.


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