Night Runner [El Corredor Nocturno]

Night Runner [El Corredor Nocturno]


    Thursday 30 September 4:00pm


96 mins

Director: Gerardo Herrero Country: Spain
Writer: Nicolas Saad Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Alfredo Mayo Print Source: Latido Films
Producer: Gerardo Herrero, Vanessa Ragone
Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Miguel Angel Sola, Erica Rivas

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Eduardo, manager of an insurance company, is under a lot of stress and that's why he runs, especially when he is about to explode.


Insurance manager Eduardo lives a high-pressure life. Between cutbacks at the company, a job he’s not sure he’s qualified for, a busy family life and some dark secrets in his past, it’s all he can do just to stay afloat. Every night he escapes from it all by pounding through the city on long runs. When he meets Raimundo at the airport Eduardo is offered friendship, assistance at work and the chance to take his life into his own hands. As Eduardo gets to know him better however, he finds Raimundo’s behaviour more and more suspicious and begins to wonder if he can really be trusted.
Atmospherically photographed in beautiful Buenos Aires, the exterior shots lovingly track Eduardo’s evening runs across the city. There is a real sense of style to the interiors too; an ultra-modern office, beautiful home and classy bars make up the majority of locations. Stand-out performances by the two lead actors form the centrepiece of this film. Eduardo (Leonardo Sbaraglia) is played for sympathy at first but as his life slips into darker territory he becomes increasingly frantic and unhinged. Miguel Angel Sola’s Raimundo on the other hand, is darkly avuncular: smooth, funny and vicious.

Night Runner is a gripping psychological thriller. But behind the thriller surface lies an allegorical and philosophical study; Faustian overtones are layered onto an examination of Nietzschean ethics. This film is deep, dark and compelling, both an enthralling thriller and a serious exploration of modern morality.


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