99 Minute Filmmaker's Survival
99 Minute Film Schools

99 Minute Filmmaker's Survival School


    Sunday 3 October
    Noon - 2pm
  • Each Class £12.00/8.00 Concs/Raindance Premium Members

99 Minutes Of Your Time…


... Filmmaker's Survival School

In 99 Minutes, let Raindance founder Elliot Grove explain how to promote your career, deal with the thorny legal and financial issues facing freelancers, and explain social media for the complete and utter beginner.

There has never been more demand for films, or 'content'. But the playing field has become very cluttered with a confusing array of thorny legal and moral issues which are taxing to even the veterans.

This 99 Minute session examines the problems and opportunities facing freelancers, and discusses a strategy for self-defense, self preservation and success.

The role of social media will also be discussed and you will see a live demonstration of the different tools useful to you and your career.

Elliot Grove Elliot Grove: Raindance's founder needs little introduction. Having created Raindance from the ground up his knowledge of the promotional tools needed for the independent filmmaker is second to none.

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