99 Minute Casting School
99 Minute Film Schools

99 Minute Casting School


    Saturday 9 October
    10am - Noon
  • Each Class £12.00/8.00 Concs/Raindance Premium Members

99 Minutes Of Your Time…


...Casting School.

Where do you look to find actors for your production? How do you run an audition? Can I attract a big name to my little movie? And should I be as scared of agents as I am? These questions and more will be answered, and you'll learn the horrifying reasons for the most basic casting rule: 'Don't cast your friends!'

Tutor: Rory O'Donnell: After working as a professional actor throughout the 90s Rory began making short films and his casting decisions caught the eye of other filmmakers leading to him being hired as casting director on five features and numerous short films. He is currently course director for Raindance.

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