99 Minute Visual FX School
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99 Minute Visual FX School


    Sunday 10 October
    Noon - 2pm
  • Each Class £12.00/8.00 Concs/Raindance Premium Members

99 Minutes Of Your Time…


…Visual FX School.

With the phenomenal increase in the power of home computers CGI and VFX are now within the hands of every filmmaker. From adding flashes to mock-up guns to full blown alien invasions this course will show you the basic principles to get your low-budget feature away from the kitchen sink. Even if you don't think your epic requires visual effects this lecture will show you how modern low cost visual effects can enhance any drama.

Tutor: Simon Hunter: Simon was the director of Mutant Chronicles and has shot dozens of commercials. He specializes in visual effects heavy work and is equally at home with low cost home genrated work as with cutting edge top-end CGI.

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