99 Minute Special FX School
99 Minute Film Schools

99 Minute Special FX School


    Saturday 9 October
    Noon - 2pm
  • Each Class £12.00/8.00 Concs/Raindance Premium Members

99 Minutes Of Your Time…


...Special FX School.

What low-budget horror movie doesn't need a bucket of fake blood and the odd severed limb? Doesn't your edge of the seat action movie need a little explosion now and again? Maybe your Indie rom-com needs a decapitated corpse to spice things up a bit? Ok, maybe not the last one, but this class will show you have to put the FX on the screen without blowing up your budget too.


Dan Martin

Dan has worked on films ranging in size from huge studio pictures such as Batman Begins and The Wolfman, to lower budget fare such as the recently completed Human Centipede 2. Dan states that his first love will always be low budget genre cinema.




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