99 Minute Editing School
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99 Minute Editing School


    Sunday 10 October
    10am - Noon
  • Each Class £12.00/8.00 Concs/Raindance Premium Members

99 Minutes Of Your Time…


…Editing School.

What does your editor require from you during the shoot. How can the director work with the editor before, during and after the shoot to make sure the edit runs smoothly. What makes a good cut; how can you increase your editors options;…

Sean Barton

Sean Barton worked as an editor in TV commercials, and started cutting Feature films in 1978. His first film was “Quadrophenia”, directed by Franc Roddam, and he has been working as a feature film editor ever since.

He has cut more than 40 feature films, including “Return of the Jedi”, “Jagged Edge”, “K2” and “Callas Forever” He has just finished Tracker, starring Ray Winstone, set in 1903 and shot in New Zealand.



Outline for Post production Talk.

I intend to cover the basic processes, the workflow and the scheduling of the editing process.
A bit of history regarding the technical advances and their effect on film editing.
The status of editors and assistants, today and in the past.
The politics of the cutting room, versus the producers, including the general relationships between editing and the rest of the crew and the shoot.
Different shooting formats, 16/35 and HD, and the post processing of these different formats.
The finishing of the process, mixing, ADR, grading and finishing.


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