My Flesh My Blood

My Flesh My Blood [Moja Krew]


    Wednesday 6 October 6:45


90 mins

Director: Marcin Wrona Country: Poland
Writer: Marcin Wrona, Grazyna Trela, Marek Pruchniewski Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Pawel Flis Print Source: Insomnia World
Producer: Piotr Dzieciol, Lukasz Dzieciol
Cast: Eryk Lubos, Luu De Ly, Wojciech Zielinski

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Igor is a professional boxer whose brain has been severely damaged from fighting. His last desire is to leave a child behind as his legacy.


Igor is a professional boxer whose life revolves around fighting and winning. His dreams are crushed when he is told that the boxing has left him brain damaged and without much longer to live. Fighting, though, is all he knows and loves and Igor refuses surgery, deciding to accept his fate. Instead he becomes obsessed with his legacy and determined to leave a child in the world before he dies. He soon meets Yen Ha, a young Vietnamese illegal worker who agrees to have his baby in exchange for Polish citizenship. Just like Igor, Yen Ha is lonely and in desperate search for a second chance in life: it is the start of an intense, emotional relationship between the two, who learn to overcome their anger and fear of the unknown and to love and appreciate each other for who they really are.

Written and directed by Marcin Wrona, the story comes to life thanks to intense performances by Eryk Lubos, who powerfully portrays Igor in his desperation, anger, and disillusionment with life, and Luu De Ly, whose interpretation of Yen Ha’s fragility stands in contrast to the crude and harsh world surrounding her.  My Flesh, My Blood is a powerful film about clashing cultures, finding love and facing death.

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