Too Much Pussy...

Too Much Pussy: Feminist Sluts in the Queer X Show


    Saturday 2 October 10:15pm


98 mins

Director: Emilie Jouvet Country: France/Germany
Writer: Emilie Jouvet Original Format: DV
Dir. of Photography: Emilie Jouvet Print Source: Jurgen Bruning
Producer: Emilie Jouvet, Jurgen Bruning
Cast: Wendy Delorme, Judy Minx, Sadie Lune

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

An explicit documentary about the wild adventures of 7 women on a performance art tour around Europe during the summer of 2009.


This original and explicit documentary follows a group of female performers on tour around Europe with their Queer X Show. The girls - Judy Minx, Mad Kate, Madison Young, Sadie Lune, Wendy Delorme and Dj Metzgerei – are followed by the all-seeing camera of director Emilie Jouvet. They describe themselves variously as and ‘sex workers’, porn actresses, and who people who ‘work with their body.’ Their performances – a kind of modern Moulin Rouge-like open and itinerant show - are all about sexuality, freedom of expression, experimentation and art. Their travels take them from the capitals to the smaller towns of Europe where, to the bemusement of the locals, they put on impromptu street stripteases. Arguing that modern society is still sexually repressed and inhibited, particularly towards gay and lesbian sex, the girls include sex education in their act. They promote themselves as supporters of self-awareness and self-confidence; their act is a tool to help demystify sex and deconstruct taboos and prohibitions.

We follow the girls as they put on their high impact, explicit performances, interact with each other, overcome difficulties and go through the good and the bad of life on the road. Friends, lovers, colleagues, and companions their relationships are explored under Jouvet’s lens. More than that though, this fly-on-the-wall documentary is about embracing sexuality and diversity, deconstructing the social conventions that prohibit pure sexual individuality.


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