Thursday 7 October 7:15pm


71 mins

Director: Igor Sterk Country: Slovenia
Writer: Igor Sterk, Sinisa Dragin Original Format: 35 mm
Dir. of Photography: Simon Tansek Print Source: Insomnia World
Producer: Igor Sterk, Christoph Thoke, Frenk Celarc
Cast: Igor Samobor, Labina Mitevska, Silva Cusin

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

A police inspector investigates an unusual case which turns into an obsession as he secretly delves into the man's life and gradually assumes his identity.


Following the unusual suicide of piano teacher Marjan Ozim from a bridge at 9:06am, weary Police Inspector Dusan is assigned the case to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death. Having separated from his wife following the loss of their eldest child, Dusan becomes obsessed with the man whose story he is unravelling, eventually moving into his apartment and living the life of the deceased man. What begins as a passing resemblance results in Dusan adopting his identity entirely – an identity in which the seemingly insignificant titular time plays an eerily thematic role.

Heralding from Slovenia with its striking and moody visuals, 9:06 tells both an intriguing and gripping story, which poses questions about what the nature of an individual’s identity. There are constant themes of guilt throughout, intertangled with those of loss and regret, and wrapped up within the course of a cleverly constructed narrative that plays out beautifully.

The film really comes to life with the power and gravitas of Igor Samobor’s lead performance, and there’s a sense of importance surrounding 9:06. Its native Slovenia is among the five countries in the world with the highest suicide rates, but this tragic statistic isn’t put under the microscope. No explanation is offered for Marjan’s decision to end it all, but we see the repercussions it leaves for those who loved him, providing a provocative and moving experience.