Thursday 7 October 6:45pm


87 mins

Director: Hammad Khan Country: UK, Pakistan
Writer: Shandana Ayub, Hammad Khan Original Format: HD
Dir. of Photography: Hammad Khan, Adnan Malik Print Source: Big Upstairs Films
Producer: Shandana Ayub, Hammad Khan, Menhaj Huda, Stella Nwimo
Cast: Shahbaz Shigri, Aisha Linnea Akhtar, Shahana Khan Khalil

Film Details

World Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Islamabad, Pakistan. As a group of westernised twenty-something friends drift aimlessly around town, Hasan realises that Aisha and his filmmaking dreams could drift away too..


Hasan and his friends are recent graduates wondering what to do next with themselves in Pakistan's capital city, Islamabad.

A group of recently graduated 20-somethings are living out the first year of the rest of their lives in the ice cream bars and coffee shops of Islamabad. Slackistan is centred on Hasan, an aspiring film-maker who doesn’t know where to start. Starved of inspiration, he sits in his room staring at his camera. The city around him has become too familiar and he is beginning to worry that his life will remain unchanged for years to come. Meanwhile his friends are either going nowhere, moving on too fast, or falling in with a bad crowd.

With the burden of freedom weighing down upon its protagonist's shoulders, Slackistan becomes a heartfelt ode to the aspiring, young filmmaker struggling to make that first movie. The film is itself a prime example of low budget indie filmmaking. Shot with his own car, his actors' own houses and no script, British director Hammad Khan ties colourful characters to an insightful story about Pakistan's youth culture.

This is a fresh and exciting debut feature from Khan, exploring the current lives of Pakistan's future movers and shakers. This is a move away from the usual 'song and dance' film tradition toward a more forward-thinking depiction of life in Islamabad. This is a promising beginning to Khan's career and perhaps the start of a new wave of independent film for Pakistan and South Asia.

Followed by Q&A

07 Oct 2010 The Express Tribune Slackistan-The Director's Cut

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