Autumn Adagio [Fuwaku no Adagio]

Autumn Adagio [Fuwaku no Adagio]


    Friday 8 October 9:45pm


70 mins

Director: Tsuki Inoue Country: Japan
Writer: Tsuki Inoue Original Format: HDcam
Dir. of Photography: Yosuke Omori Print Source: Dongyu Club & Inc. Kazutaka Watanabe
Producer: Tsuki Inoue
Cast: Rei Shibakusa, Peyton Chiba, Takuo Shibuya

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

The profoundly beautiful story of a nun rediscovering her emotions.


A nun going through her menopause might sound like the punch-line of a joke you wouldn’t tell your mum, but Tsuki Inoue’s disarmingly beautiful film Autumn Adagio takes what could have so easily been a premise ripe for exploitation and makes from it a profoundly moving and utterly restrained masterpiece.

Mariko, who is first seen absent-mindedly plucking the stamen from a bouquet of lilies, lives a cloistered, routine life. One day, confused by the way she is feeling, she takes a leap of faith and volunteers to play the piano for the local ballet school, where she becomes entranced by the instructor’s graceful movements in a scene that is gently surreal and quietly erotic. Although she plays well, the instructor tries to encourage her to put more of herself into the music. Moriko, who has spent her life repressing her sexuality and emotions under a nun’s habit, decides to let them out for a short time before they are lost forever and we can’t help but be swept along with her new enthusiasm.

From then on the film is by turns disturbing, tragic and uplifting as she learns to reengage with the world. More and more we start to see her without her habit, and the change is striking like a rare flower that blooms the brightest before it fades away. The tension between religion and sexuality has been explored in many films, but rarely has it been handled with such sensitivity and effervescence. This is an incredibly accomplished debut.


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