L.A. Zombie

L.A. Zombie


    Friday 1 October 9:45pm


62 mins

Director: Bruce LaBruce Country: Germany/France/USA
Writer: Bruce LaBruce Original Format: HDCAM
Dir. of Photography: James Carman Print Source: Jurgen Bruning
Producer: Jurgen Bruning, Robert Felt, Arno Rok
Cast: Francois Sagat

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

“It came from beneath the sea... to fuck the dead back to life.”


Banned in Australia before it could screen at MIFF earlier this year, cult filmmaker Bruce La Bruce's L.A. Zombie is possibly the most talked about indie film of 2010. Dubbed 'gay zombie porn' by censors, L.A. Zombie features French porn star Francois Sagat as the alien zombie who emerges from the sea in the search of dead bodies to fuck back to life. First he hitchhikes a lift from an unsuspecting driver who is soon left dying from a car-crash. Sagat stumbles out of the wreck to penetrate his gored carcass to get his exposed heart beating again. During his stay the zombie observes a number of events leading to the reincarnations.

Balancing stunning visuals and a superb soundtrack, this experimental new sub-genre feature goes much deeper than first appearances suggest - quite literally. Exploring a number of issues including drug addiction, organised crime, and poverty L.A. Zombie draws parallels between all the disenfranchised communities of Los Angeles and highlights the redemptive power of love. There's no point pretending this penetrative drama isn't going to make you squeamish at times, but it is full of symbolism and allusion, and is undoubtedly going to be recognised as an underground milestone in cinematic history.


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Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
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L.A. Zombie After Party

L.A. Zombie official after party at the Shadow Lounge on Friday 1 October. Ticket holders will get priority (free) entry and queue jumping until midnight. Normal price £10.

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