Lunar Child

Lunar Child [Runa no Kodomo]


    Thursday 7 October 5:45pm


108 mins

Director: Akihiro Suzuki Country: Japan
Writer: Akihiro Suzuki Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Tsuyoshi Kawarazuka Print Source: S.I.G.
Producer: Keiko Tanaka
Cast: Kanaha Saeki, Makiko Oku, Eri Iwamoto

Film Details

World Premiere

Short Synopsis:

This is story about fruitless love, unshareable secrets and unspeakable dreams. It examines how ones perceives and takes in the now and learns to accept one’s existence.


Stark, brutally honest and beautifully shot, Lunar Child offers a touching observation upon the fleeting and transient experiences of three women who seek love, but cannot grasp it tight enough. Their barren relationships contain only a little hope; each is seeking meaning in relationships that are ultimately doomed. The haunting, recurring symbol of the moon, traditionally associated with femininity, unites these three separate stories and acts as a totem for all three women to wish upon. ‘Her Story’ concerns a young woman and an older man who spend the night together by chance, sharing their pain and misery with each other: he is terminally ill with cancer, she is traumatized by a recent abortion and the crumbling relationship with her boyfriend.

Mizuki is distancing herself from her girlfriend, Maho; she already has doubts about their two-week-old relationship. Brought up in a household with very liberal attitudes towards sex, she is beginning to see love-making as a meaningless and empty pastime.

Hikari is a writer and the breadwinner of the household, supporting her unemployed and emotionally dependent husband. Hikari’s attractions however, lie with Uchiyama, twenty years her junior and also dependent upon her. When her dreams are dashed she is forced to face the reality of her life and relationships. Her attempts to rekindle her marriage, however, cast a gentle glow of hope on all the female protagonists.

Followed by Q&A


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