Sunday 3 October 6:00pm


90 mins

Director: Hans Herbots Country: Belgium
Writer: Nele Meirhaeghe, Hans Herbots Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Danny Elsen Print Source: Caviar Films
Producer: Bert Hamelinck
Cast: Ella-June Henrard

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

When a school-girl becomes a call-girl she soon gets out of her depth


Schoolgirl Deborah longs for a life less ordinary, or at least the money to buy some new clothes. She is less than enamoured with life in her granddad’s flat, living with her mother and younger brother. When the glamorous Jen takes her into town for a night Deborah falls in love with her lifestyle. Jen admits she is a call girl and agrees to introduce Deborah to her manager, Vince. Thus begins Deborah (now Bo)’s spiral into prostitution, drugs and violence over the course of a single year.

Struggling to handle her new lifestyle, keep it secret from her family and falling in love with Vince; Bo can’t keep on top of it all. Things go from bad to worse when she starts skipping school to go to work and finally gets caught with a client.

Beautiful, lambent, cinematography highlights not only lead actress Ella-June Henrard‘s formidable performance, but also the beauty to be found in the urban landscapes of Antwerp. A subtle and varied score provides emotional context to many powerful scenes but is never used to overwhelm. This film is beautiful, powerful and poignant. It doesn’t make grandiose statements but simply and clearly lays out one girl’s path into a life of high-class prostitution and the effects that has on her life.


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