Question in Details

Question in Details [Köntörfalak]


    Thursday 30 September 6:15pm


81 mins

Director: Zsombor Dyga Country: Hungary
Writer: Zsombor Dyga Original Format: 35mm
Dir. of Photography: Gábor Marosi Print Source: Filmteam
Producer: István Major
Cast: Ferenc Elek, Kátya Tompos, Roland Rába

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

An evening takes an unexpected turn when three strangers do not suspect that an old secret connects all three of them.


Single father of two Zoli is a little clumsy, a little awkward and a little overweight. Somehow he’s won a date with the beautiful and funny Eszti after charming her at the right moment on a bad day. When the uncomfortable date falls apart they finally start to chat and Eszti invites Zoli back to her flat on the grounds that nothing is going to happen. Eszti shares a luxurious and modern open-plan apartment in the centre of Budapest with her absent brother. As they getter deeper into conversation Zoli relaxes into their new relationship and opens up to Eszti about the mother of his children. When Eszti’s obnoxious brother returns home however, things take a darker turn as the three may share a secret none of them even knew about.

This film is shot mostly in one apartment and features only three main characters. Despite, or perhaps because of these inhibitions writer/director Zsombor Dyga creates a fascinating and enthralling character piece whilst keeping the tension high as more and more shared history is revealed. With all the power of a compelling piece of theatre Question in Details is a tight film which underlines the importance of a great script. Without action, without locations, and without much money, Dyga has created a film that is funny, touching and powerful.


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