Friday 1 October 10:00pm


103 mins

Director: Benjamin Viré Country: Belgium
Writer: Benjamin Viré Original Format: HD Digital Video
Dir. of Photography: Raphael Kolacz Print Source: Charlotte Capelle
Producer: Eloi Gérard
Cast: Helena Coppejans, Nicolas Gob, Eric Godon

Film Details

World Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Max, an ex-gangster falls in love with a woman escaping a criminal organization. One day he realizes her terrible secret...


Max, an agoraphobic golfer lives an isolated life in the woods. One day while out practicing his golf swing he stumbles across the lifeless body of a young woman .

Unnerved at first, he tentatively  approaches her only to discover she is not dead but  unconscious. He slings her limp body over his shoulder and takes her back to his house.

He cares for her but does not entirely trust her. He can’t help but notice the blood that remains after her shower and asks if she’s injured – mysteriously she’s not. As the two develop an uneasy relationship, Max finds himself increasingly attracted to this strangely ethereal young woman.  Then one night she escapes, running off into the woods. He runs after her only to discover her having sex with a man while cannibalizing him. He is shaken to the core but nonetheless they find themselves in a romantic arrangement of sorts.

The film features standout performances  from the icily delicate Helena Coppejans in her debut film role and award-winning Belgian TV actor, Nicolas Gob as the troubled ex-gangster Max. The film also boasts the talents of Eric Godon (In Bruges) as  Gypsy and the iconic French actor Phillippe Nahon (Irreversible, High Tension) as Max’s gruff father. While Almodovar favourite Micky Molina (Law of Desire) plays Miguel.

Director Benjamin Viré makes an auspicious debut with this stylish thriller that combines atmosphere with action to great effect, while producer Eloi Gérard was recently hailed as a producer to watch by the influential industy bulletin Sydney’s buzz. SB

Followed by Q&A


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