The Sound of Mumbai...
The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical

The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical


    Thursday 30 September 5:30pm


65 mins

Director: Sarah McCarthy Country: United Kingdom
Writer: N/A Original Format: Standard
Dir. of Photography: Liam Iandoli Print Source: Sarah McCarthy
Producer: Joe Walters
Cast: N/A

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Short Synopsis:

This is the story of a slum school choir in Mumbai who put on a concert of songs from The Sound of Music with a full orchestra backing and in front of an audience of over a thousand people.


The opening shot of the sprawling, cramped Mumbai slums accompanied by the cheerful voice of Julie Andrews is the kind of contradiction that Sarah McCarthy’s insightful documentary is built around. Following a group of slum children rehearsing for a performance of the world’s favourite musical at the prestigious and affluent National Centre of the Performing Arts she skilfully juxtaposes the worlds of Mumbai’s wealthier class with that of its famous slums.
McCarthy focuses her film on one boy, Ashish, upon whom Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaire protagonist could so easily have been based. Ashish’s dreams of a wealthy patron and perhaps even a beautiful upper-class girlfriend after he wins the glory of a few solo lines. His family make no secret of their hope that Ashish, with his command of English and new exposure can be the one to take them out of the slums. Ultimately India’s rigid social structure isn’t going to be overthrown overnight by a musical but for those few involved it represents a precious opportunity to just maybe better their lives. McCarthy is careful not to let the film become swept away in their optimism however, the film is always aware of the distance between dreams and reality. Put to a timeless Rogers & Hammerstein score Sounds of Mumbai is a film that celebrates the very human attempts to bridge that gap.

Followed by Q&A


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