Lost & Found
Lost & Found

Lost & Found


    Wednesday 6 October 5:15pm


75 mins

Director: Nobuyuki Miyake Country: Japan
Writer: Maki Arai, Nobuyuki Miyake Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Toshiharu Yaegashi Print Source: Nobuyuki Miyake
Producer: Hirotaka Asano
Cast: Shun Sugata, Tomoyuki Hatanaka, Kaori Fujii

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

This is a portrait of various people that come across a Lost and Found office. Something that is once lost but is found again.


In a non-descript Japanese train station several random characters pass one another by, each struggling with life in some way: a European man retraces the steps of his grandfather in postwar Japan, a girl struggles with the urge to abandon her child, a blind woman photographs the world that she will never see, and a disgraced business man teeters on the platform’s edge. These characters all share the fact that they have lost something and their stories symbolically revolve around the nuclei of the station’s lost property office, a cosy treasure trove presided over by kindly old Mr Togashi, who we gradually discover also harbours his own secret loss.

Unlike many Japanese indie films its eccentric characters remain very believable and empathetic as they are brought together and broken apart by a series of lost objects, each of which is given tremendous emotional weight thanks to Nobuyuki Miyaki’s subtle plotting and gentle camera work. This seems to evoke Mr Togashi’s own philosophy as he chides his young associate for dismissing some of the items he cares for as trash, saying: “that’s not for you to decide. If it comes in here then it belongs to someone. It’s important.” Miyaki’s self-assured debut feature is a charming drama of fleeting encounters, which fans of Shunji Iwai or Edward Yang will love. Despite its subtlety its themes will resonate long after you leave the cinema.


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Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street



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