32nd of December

32nd of December


    Sunday 3 October 6:30pm


88 mins

Director: Saša Hajduković Country: Bosnia and Hercegovina
Writer: Saša Hajduković Original Format: HD CAM
Dir. of Photography: Saša Petković Print Source: VizArt
Producer: Slobodan Perišić, Saša Hajduković, Boris Jevđenić, Zoran Galić
Cast: Nikolina Jelisavac, Slobodan Perišić, Anja Stanić

Film Details

UK Premier

Short Synopsis:

Leading up to New Year the lives of several individuals are intertwined through a tragic series of events.


Piksi, a former soccer player and now owner of a bar, falls in love with Una, arebel without a cause, 19-year-old kid who, during the celebration of New Year’s Eve, is just toying with him. After this party came to an end, we see that Pikis and Una do not speak the same language. They don’t belong to the same world. As for Una, it was just plain good fun in a club, for Piksi it was something else, a beginning of a long relationship that could easily end with marriage. When these worlds collide, all close around them will die and one car crash solves everything.

Saša Hajduković is a film director born in Banja Luka. After high school he enrolled in the Academy of Arts in Banja Luka – Department for TV and Film directing in the class of professor Predrag Velinović. In 2006 he received “Best national film” award at short film festival “Kratkofil”. He worked as an assistant director on a play called “Home” directed by Slobodan Perišić based on Ljudmila Razumovska’s text and a play “Proud Flash” directed by Lari Zapia based on Goran Stefanovski’s text.

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