Thursday 7 October 9:45pm


88 mins

Director: Vincent Lannoo Country: Belgium
Writer: Vincent Lannoo, Frédérique Broos Original Format: HDV
Dir. of Photography: Vincent Van Gelder Print Source: Left Field Ventures
Producer: John Engel
Cast: Carlo Ferrante, Vera Van Dooren, Pierre Lognay

Film Details

Short Synopsis:

Mockumentary following a dysfunctional family of vampires in Belgium.

Repeat Screening:

Friday 8 October 3:30 pm
Screen B
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus,
19 Lower Regent street,

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Vincent Lannoo’s wonderful film follows the Saint-Germains, a family of Vampires living in Belgium. The film opens as dramatically as a thriller but gradually develops into a humorous yet enthralling mockumentary take on the supernatural.

Living amongst a vampire community, the Saint-Germain family is being filmed by a crew of mortals who, after many attempts, are successfully recording the lives of the Belgium Vampires without being bitten. Georges, the father, is introverted and Bertha, his wife, is emotionally vacant. She has abandoned all responsibilities to her family and as a result the children are a little wayward. The daughter, Grace is a comically stereotypical teenager; rebellious and contemptuous of her parent’s lifestyle. She files down her fangs and continually attempts to become human by committing suicide. Samson, the son, follows the vampire code but is becoming something of a bad boy within the community. When Samson’s actions get them into trouble the Saint-Germain family are forced into exile and move to Canada. Here they must start a new life without the support of a familiar network surrounding them

In this deranged and hilarious mockumentary the vampires make a diverting metaphor, skillfully used to uncover questions about family politics, sexuality and ethics. Lannoo successfully exploits these underlying issues and uses the entire vampire community to illustrate the struggles in pursuit of happiness and family development.

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