Rouge Ciel
Rouge Ciel

Rouge Ciel



93 mins

Director: Bruno Decharme Country: France
Writer: Bruno Decharme Original Format: DigiBeta, HDV, MiniDV
Dir. of Photography: Bruno Decharme Print Source: Bruno Decharme
Producer: Barbara Safarova
Cast: Zdenek Kosek, Kunizo Matsumoto, George Widener

Film Details

UK Premiere

Short Synopsis:

Documentary chronicling the rise of the art brut movement.


French artist Dubuffet coined the term ‘art brut’ to describe works created outside of the conventional parameters of the art world. Established in the 1940s art brut was created by those who rejected preconceptions of art and a number of its contributors were clinically insane asylum inhabitants. The term primarily referred to the manner in which the pieces were created: in solitude and from pure creative impulses, rather than from visual or stylistic guidelines.

Among those whose contributions are explored, we learn about Fernand Desmoulin, the early 20th century French artist who drew in darkness, believing his hands were guided by spirits while producing his works. Elsewhere and in the present day, American-born George Widener has memorized events from the last 2,000 years, and uses these memories to predict the future, committing his visions to ‘magic squares’ on a paper tablecloth.

It’s clear that director Bruno Decharme has an absolute passion for his subject, and he has approached this exploration of art brut highly imaginative fashion. Rouge Ciel provides an informative and educational analysis throughout, with a number of knowledgeable contributors providing their insights along the way. This film will be certain to appeal to art brut fans but it is also a celebration of humanity and the artistic impulse and that makes it accessible to all.


 Followed by Q&A


All films to be screened at:

Apollo Cinema: Piccadilly Circus
19 Lower Regent Street