Schedule: 10th October

99 Minute Editing School

10am Sunday October 10

Film editing basics explained ... in 99 minutes!

Shorts Programme 6 | Documentary

Sunday 10 October 11:30am

Screening: The Last Cut : 20' Bunky Echo Hawk : 7' Barber's Dozen : 7' Tree Of Forgetting : 9' On Stony Ground : 10' One Foot On The Ground : 24' Unearthing The Pen : 13' The Birdman of Tamworth : 11'

99 Minute Visual FX School

Noon Sunday October 10

The basics of In camera and computer generated visual effects explained ... in 99 Minutes!

Camp Victory Afghanistan

Sunday 10 October 12:15

How does the American National Guard turn illiterate Afghans into an army?  US/ISAF “exit strategy” becomes a tangled, trying, alternately hilarious and  tragic reality in this riveting documentary.

Shorts Programme 9 | Animation

Sunday 10 October 1:30pm

Screening: New Digs : 2' Once Upon A Many Time : 5' Prayers For Peace : 8' The Necessties of Life : 5' Tales From The Afternow - Little Rocks : 12' Kitteh Kitteh Triple Feature : 2' The Hairy Hands : 12' Takhabot : 6' Danny Boy : 10' Night Music : 13' Fuse : 29'

Hi! Otsuke Drugstore

Sunday 10 October 1:45pm

A bad-tempered drugstore owner strikes up an unconventional friendship with one of her customers, a timid schoolgirl obsessed with a certain boy.

My Neighbor Totoro

Sunday 10 October 3:45pm

Hayao Miyazaki’s classic film follows a young girl as she builds a friendship with the wondrous creatures of the forest.

Awards Ceremony

Sunday 10 October 5pm Apollo Cinema Invite Only


Son of Babylon

Sunday 10 October 6:45pm followed by Afterparty

Two weeks after the fall of Saddam Hussein. Ahmed, a 12-year-old boy begrudgingly follows in the shadow of his grandmother deep into Iraq in seach of his missing father.