Schedule: 7th October

We Are The Mods

Wednesday 6 October 9:30pm and Thursday 7 October 4:00 pm

An original and authentic coming of age drama about teen identity and emerging sexuality.

Shorts Programme 12 | Absent Sense

Thursday 7 October 4:30pm

Screening: Red Shoes : 10' Meet Pursuit Delange : 24' Stalker : 10' Origin : 14' Interlude : 7' Popping Round : 7' Bad Call : 6' Missed Connections : 22' Lattitude Chase : 35 seconds Sign Language : 5'

Lunar Child [Runa no Kodomo]

Thursday 7 October 5:45pm

This is story about fruitless love, unshareable secrets and unspeakable dreams. It examines how ones perceives and takes in the now and learns to accept one’s existence.


Thursday 7 October 6:45pm

Islamabad, Pakistan. As a group of westernised twenty-something friends drift aimlessly around town, Hasan realises that Aisha and his filmmaking dreams could drift away too.


Thursday 7 October 7:15pm

A police inspector investigates an unusual case which turns into an obsession as he secretly delves into the man's life and gradually assumes his identity.


Thursday 7 October 8:00pm

Paul and Sofi's love is destroyed by long-distance, when the two strangers are confronted with their neuroses and self-destructive intimacy.

The Vice Guide To Liberia

Thursday 7 October 8:45pm

A documentary about Liberia, a country ravaged by poverty, violence and political instability.


Thursday 7 October 9:45pm and Friday 8 October 15:30

Mockumentary following a dysfunctional family of vampires.

Iron Doors

Thursday 7 October 10:30pm and Friday 8 October 15:45

A banker is locked in a vault and faced with the horror of a slow death.


Thursday 7 October 10:45pm

The lines between relationships blur when a director and two actors begin rehearsing for a film with sex scenes