Schedule: 6th October

Flooding With Love For The Kid

Tuesday 5 October 6:45pm and Wednesday 6 October 3:00 pm

A one man cinematic event: the Rambo story shot entirely in a tiny apartment with one man for only $96.

The Story of My Space [Vidrimasgor]

Wednesday 6 October 3:45pm

The inhabitants of a communal flat in St Petersburg witness an unusual change when a replaced window shows them their memories instead of the concrete yard outside.

Shorts Programme 11 | Raging Liberties

Wednesday 6 October 4:45pm

Screening: K Citizen : 30' The Awakening : 15' The Lady With The Dog : 16' Mudvayne Trilogy : 13' With Anchovies Without Mama : 25'

Lost & Found

Wednesday 6 October 5:15pm

This is a portrait of various people that come across a Lost and Found office. Something that is once lost but is found again.

The Cutting Tradition

Wednesday 6 October 6:00pm

Shot in: Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Egypt and Ethiopia. This film highlights the complex social, religious, cultural and economic issues which underpin the ongoing practice of FGM.

My Flesh My Blood [Moja Krew]

Wednesday 6 October 6:45

Igor is a professional boxer whose brain has been severely damaged from fighting. His last desire is to leave a child behind as his legacy.

Five Daughters

Wednesday 6 October 7:00pm

Five women, all working as street prostitutes to fund drug habits, were murdered in the British town of Ipswich in 2006. This is their story.

Sounds Like a Revolution

Wednesday 6 October 7:15pm

A documentary about the uprising of politically motivated protest music throughout the USA.

Helena From The Wedding

Wednesday 6 October 9:15

A newlywed couple host a New Year's Eve party at a cabin in the mountains for their closest friends and an unexpected guest.

We Are The Mods

Wednesday 6 October 9:30pm and Thursday 7 October 4:00 pm

An original and authentic coming of age drama about teen identity and emerging sexuality.