Schedule: 5th October

Lovers of Hate

Monday 4 October 8:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 13:45

A savage comedy about deceit and sibling rivalry centered around two estranged brothers who have nothing in common but their love for one brother's soon-to-be ex-wife.

The Woman With A Broken Nose

Monday 4 October 8:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 14:45

A mysterious woman’s suicidal leap sends shockwaves through the lives of three strangers.


Monday 4 October 6:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 15:15

In this off-kilter comedy, a woman comes to terms with her husband's strange secret: a compulsive desire to cut off his arms.

When The World Breaks

Tuesday 5 October 3:45pm

A documentary about how life and creativity returned after the Great Crisis of 1929.

99 Minute Film Funding School

Tuesday 5 October 5:00pm

Europe can help. Find out how to access the Euro money pot ... in 99 Minutes.

Alexander Mackendrick Lecture with Mike Newell

Tuesday 5 Oct 6:00pm

Acclaimed director, Mike Newell talks, in conversation with Fred Hogge, about his career, his influences, and the craft of making movies. The interview will be followed by a screening of 'Into The West'.

Flooding With Love For The Kid

Tuesday 5 October 6:45pm and Wednesday 6 October 3:00 pm

A one man cinematic event: the Rambo story shot entirely in a tiny apartment with one man for only $96.


Tuesday 5 October 9:30pm

As an Eastern European gang try to move in on Leeds and traffic labour, they cross Billy Murray’s family, the Taylors and his best friend Craig Fairbrass. A turf war ensues and life is cheap.

Shorts Programme 1 | Abstract Notions

Tuesday 5 October 5:00pm

Screening: Kinbaku : 30' Hortum : 7' Man in a Shell : 15' Frog in the Well : 15' The Chronoscope : 20' The Opera Singer : 2'

The Lake Effect

Tuesday 5 October 9:00pm and Wednesday 6 October 1:45 pm

Rob Lawson’s perpetual quest for success is interrupted when his estranged daughter shows up pregnant, challenging him to be a father before he becomes a grandfather.