Schedule: 4th October

Symbol [Shinboru]

Saturday 2 October 9:00pm and Monday 4 October 14:45

A man wakes up and mysteriously finds himself trapped in an empty, white rectangular room, wearing clownish bright yellow polka dot pyjamas.

Destiny's Stand: It's a Dog Gone Tale

G Star: Monday 4 October 4:00pm

A teenage girl moves to a sleepy Florida town and meets a dog named Destiny residing in a pet shelter that is about to be torn down.  Her efforts to save Destiny from being euthanized lead her to uncovering fraud, extortion, threats and danger, while trying to solve the mystery of the mother she lost as a child.

Code Red

G Star: Monday 4 October 4:00pm

When a gunman shows up at a high school, a complete lock-down (Code Red) takes place leaving an innocent student stranded in the hallways and frantically seeking safety.  Inside the classroom the knock on the door could be the student - or the gunman.

Shorts Programme 4 | Thriller Zone

Monday 4 October 4:45pm

Screening: Disappearance : 9' Big Day Of Fishing  : 10' Sunday Punch : 19' Reign Of Death : 6' Man In The Road : 11' Article #38 : 6' When The Hurlyburly's Done : 16' ST. Christophorus: Roadkill : 26'


Monday 4 October 6:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 15:15

In this off-kilter comedy, a woman comes to terms with her husband's strange secret: a compulsive desire to cut off his arms.


Monday 4 October 6:30pm

Have you got a great idea for a movie? This is it! Your chance to pitch your movie idea directly to a panel of top British film executives

Straight 8

Monday 4 October at 6:45pm

Straight 8 invite anyone, anywhere to make a short film on just one, 3 minute 20 second cartridge of super 8 film, without any editing or post production. a soundtrack is uploaded separately and the first time that filmmakers get to see their films is with an audience in a packed cinema. Come see the results!

Lovers of Hate

Monday 4 October 8:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 13:45

A savage comedy about deceit and sibling rivalry centered around two estranged brothers who have nothing in common but their love for one brother's soon-to-be ex-wife.

The Woman With A Broken Nose

Monday 4 October 8:30pm and Tuesday 5 October 14:45

A mysterious woman’s suicidal leap sends shockwaves through the lives of three strangers.